Ice. Snow. Wind. And Pests

pest control winter

Beware of Ice Dams on Your Roof

During the Winter, we protect ourselves from ice, snow and wind.

There are also a few things to think about when it comes to protecting your home from pests this winter:

  •  Snow and Ice: Keep on the lookout for ice dams which can damage walls, ceilings, insulation and drywall and also attract pests that love moisture such as termites and carpenter ants. Keeping gutters clear can help prevent ice dams, and leaky spots in the home could indicate that one has formed.
  • Wind: Strong winds can damage roofs and siding, allowing points of entry for nuisance wildlife such as raccoons and bats. Periodically check for missing roof shingles or holes. A simple check is to go into your attic on a sunny day, take a flashlight so you can see where you are walking, turn out lights and inspect your roof.

Liberty Pest Exterminators will do a FREE INSPECTION of your home in the winter to look for entry points for pests. We can also check the insulation level in your attic to make sure you have the correct R value for an energy-efficient home.

Don’t get caught and embarrassed by pest infestations.  Get your problem exterminated by professionals.  Call us now!